Dental visits

by on September 1, 2015

I won’t lie. There was a time, after school and during University, where I did not go to the dentists. Not once. When I got to Uni I registered at a local GP, just in case, but registering for a dentist never occurred to me. Was it because you have to pay for consultations and treatments? Yeah, it probably was that actually and, as a poor student, £40 for a check up on my teeth was not my idea of £40 well spent.


When I got back from Uni I had been unregistered at my dentist as he had passed away. Again, I did not think to re-register elsewhere. That was, however, until last week. I take pretty good care of my teeth; brushing, flossing and mouth wash daily but sometimes you feel you need a professional touch. So I’ve got myself an appointment next week; wish me luck!