CQR Dentures: A revolution For Those Who Wear Dentures

by on April 17, 2016

For many years traditional dentures have been a fixed size and tend to be awkward once fitted. The effects of traditional dentures have been known to restrict the daily eating and drinking of various foods and drinks, and even limit the types of food a person can eat; they have also caused mouth ulcers by excessive rubbing on the gums.

The good news is that CQR is now here. Dentures can now be uniquely customised to fit the dimensions of the patients mouth, so the CQR dentures will fit comfortably in the wearers mouth and won’t restrict the day to day eating and drinking habits.

This means that denture wearers now can use less fixer gel and have more freedom in their daily lives. as well as eating the foods  they want with a comfortable and fixed bite, that will enable  the jaw muscles to work more effectively when chewing.