Choosing The Right Dentist In Wellingborough

by on March 29, 2016

There are a number of Dentists in Wellingborough and each have their own benefits and drawbacks.

Firstly we have the Emergency Dental Clinic Oasis located inside the Isebrook Hospital, which as you may have guessed is for emergency treatment only, and they often turn patients away for minor non critical teeth related problems; best to call in first and be assessed over the phone to avoid being turned away if you call in unexpectedly for treatment.

Oradi is another Dentist, Located on Great Park Street in the Town Centre. They occupy two buildings nearly adjacent to one another on different sides of the same street. They have various treatment options available, but you will often find your dentist will be ad-hoc if your going down the NHS route, and it’s likely you won’t get a regular dentist and may as a result get a practising dentist, or Intern doing minor work on your teeth; often you will get a sloppy dentist who cuts parts of your lips, or does a poor job causing you to come back for further treatment.

Wellingborough Dental Practice/Active smile is a smaller dentist located on Midland Road near the Castle theatre. They are primarily an NHS dentist, but have a wide selection of treatments and a better service due to their size. They do have private treatment options available, though you will have to enquire about them if you decide to take that route. The upside of this NHS dentist is that you are more likely to get a regular NHS dentist, they are all very professional with their treatments and your more likely to get a good service overall, and only have to come back in 6 month intervals for check ups.

There are other smaller dentists dotted around Wellingborough, but those won’t be mentioned here due to the ad-hoc appointments that are regularly cancelled and postponed.