Healthcare is expensive

by on November 30, 2015

Taking care of ourselves is important. Whether that be through products from shops or online, or even joining gyms and doing exercise classes to try and stay fit. Whatever your choice, and whatever your needs are, you will, unfortunately, have to spend some money on it. Companies know how important our health is to us, […]

Taking care of yourself

by on November 2, 2015

I have touched a little on this before – but I wanted to talk about the importance of having a stable abode and how that feeds into our hygiene and health. I’ve already spoken about how I am staying on sofas and fold out beds for a few weeks across a number of various different […]

Moderate exercise

by on August 2, 2015

One phrase you’ll see thrown around a lot when people talk about exercise or weight loss is about how “moderate exercise” is the way to do it. But how does one define moderate exercise? A stroll around the house? A handful of jumping jacks in the back garden? The problem is moderate exercise differs for […]

Double Yoga Days

by on June 17, 2015

Now I am not the best at sticking to routines; especially ones that are good for me. I am brilliant at maintaining bad habits though. Anyway; over Christmas and New Year I started doing yoga and it helped me a lot. Improved posture, better core strength and better breathing (as I am asthmatic) were some […]

A little bit every day

by on April 6, 2015

I have seen a lot of nonsense spread around the internet about exercise, fitness and their bearing on your health as an individual. People will talk to you about calories and calorific intake, about what kinds of exercise are good and which ones you should avoid. They’ll talk about sleeping patterns, the amount of water […]