White or Metal Fillings? What’s the Best Option?

30th December 2019

Increasingly often, people have white fillings over metal fillings. But what’s the difference, and which option is right for you? If cost is a major concern, then a metal filling might be the best option. These are going to be significantly cheaper than having a white filling and if your filling is going to be […]


Do Root Canals Hurt?

23rd September 2019

Root canal treatments – those are words that very few people will take pleasure in hearing. Root canals are associated with pain and discomfort – as well as potentially costing a lot of money! They have a bad reputation amongst patients and very few people are happy to have a root canal treatment carried out […]


Why Might you Need a Crown?

7th July 2019

Crowns are used to protect a tooth and prevent it cracking or getting damaged further. They are also used aesthetically, improving the appearance of your teeth to make them look more uniform and in better condition. Different people will need dental crowns at different times, as much of it depends on the strength of your […]


Tooth Straightening Treatments and Where to Find Them

27th January 2019

Teeth that don’t sit perfectly straight in your mouth might be quite common, but that doesn’t stop it feeling embarrassing and making you self conscious about your smile. There are tooth straightening treatments that might be able to help you, making your teeth more even and helping you to feel confidence in your appearance once […]


What to Look for in a Dental Surgery

24th November 2018

Are you looking for a new dental surgery Leicester? Perhaps you feel that you could get better service and more treatments from different dentists. Or maybe you have just moved into the area and you need to register with a dental surgery for your regular dental check up. Whatever the reasons might be, if you are […]

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How a Dentist Can Help you

27th July 2018

Going to the dentist is good for your general health, as well as the health of your teeth and gums. It’s important that you go to the dentist every 6 months to one year – this is what people always tell us, but why actually is this? It isn’t just an arbitrary figure – there […]

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Are you a Nervous Patient?

21st May 2018

Believe it or not, dentists see their fair share of nervous patients. When you are scared of something, it can feel very isolating, but lots of people really are very scared of the dentist and you most certainly are not alone. This means many dentists are great with nervous patients and will be very happy […]

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Why do you Need to Floss?

31st March 2018

Flossing is one of those dental hygiene practices that are really important, but that people won’t always adhere to. If you are thinking about ways in which you can improve your oral health, you may want to think about how often you floss. Do you do it every day, twice a day? If the answer […]

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Why do you Need a Dental Checkup?

30th December 2017

Dental check-ups should be carried out every 6 months to one year. This is your dentist’s chance to look at your teeth and make sure everything is healthy. You will also be able to tell them about any problems you have been experiencing and get them checked out. Here are some reasons why it’s important […]

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Are Braces Right for you?

27th November 2017

Braces are incredibly clever devices, helping you to achieve a straighter smile and sort issues like overlapping teeth or a lack of space. They can also help to close up gaps that may leave you self-conscious or unhappy with the appearance of your teeth. They are often fitted when someone is a young adult, when […]

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